Soccer and Biking Austin, Texas with A Dude A Bikes

I traveled to Austin to attend the United States World Cup Qualifier vs Jamaica, with #3 son who lives in the city.

A packed Q2 stadium rocked the city as the Yanks overwhelmed a determined physical Reggae squad. From the opening whistle no one sat, except to get a brief rest. I have been to many stadiums, and none compared to the atmosphere of US Soccer fans in our full glory.


It’s Austin, TX. Everything is dry except the watering holes.

I met up with A Dude A Bikes on Tuesday to ride the Town Lake trail in West Austin. On Friday we rode a section of the Walnut Creek Train in East Austin. A section of the trail you ask? It’s all in the video below.

I used to ride with this group.
Things have changed.

2 thoughts on “Soccer and Biking Austin, Texas with A Dude A Bikes

  1. Great to meet a fellow bicyclist and blogger, the legendary A Midnight Rider. And Kieran, you’re right. That’s part of my blog title. I’m YouTube famous now! I’ll expect those royalty checks to start coming in momentarily. Maybe I can get to coastal Southeastern Mass someday. Arizona, too, but only if it’s under 100.


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