Frozen and I’ll

Sue got her hair done last week. In the salon, there were a few customers, all wearing masks. None of the six hairdressers wore one. The owner who did Sue’s hair said, “I’m done with the mask crap. if I get it, I get it”. Three days later, Sue got sick.

The local FD, does Covid testing every Wednesday and Sue decided to go. I offered to stand in line for her and rode my bike to the test site. She was second in line when I arrived and I decided that, since I was there, to also get tested. It was a 72 hour window for the results. The following day, I began feeling sick and all the evidence pointed to Covid. My test came back negative, hers positive. Having the same symptoms as Sue, there was no need for a retest for me.

It’s been five days and we are both fine. Both of us are vaccinated and boosted.


While I was sick, we has a few days of frigged weather making it pretty easy to isolate. The temperature rose to a decent 22 F today with sun and no wind. I have been learning some new video techniques online and a bike ride around town to experiment with some B roll practice called me.

7 thoughts on “Frozen and I’ll

  1. I am glad you are both feeling better. Hard to believe the hairdressers would be so irresponsible. It is not only about an individual, but who they may spread the virus to and perhaps someone might have a compromised immune system or be at risk because of age.


  2. Glad y’all are doing okay! I found an easy ride around town was my first interest after recovery, too. At least we can hope to be safe for a few moments now until the next variant… Stay positive, er, uh, negative? Well anyway: Ride On!


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