Soccer and A Blizzard

It’s 25 F in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada for today’s World Cup Qualifier. I had to stay focused shoveling snow, walking the dogs and editing the video. I got it done and am posting this five minutes before kick off. Talk about cutting it close.

2 thoughts on “Soccer and A Blizzard

  1. Burrrrr!!! Alas we are finally going to get some snow coming tonight and all day Weds. LOL, and of course, Jo has an appointment with the shop to have a new crank set installed on Friday! 😦 Gona call today and see if we can just ride the trike up there and drop it off and then pick it up when the snow melts a bit! We live in a 2nd. floor apt. no place to clean a trike full on snow! I’m a CO. native but I do not like SNOW!! Hope you thaw out soon have a great week ahead! 🙂


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