Mystery Ride Part II Snowed Out

Earlier in the week, I surprised Sue with a mystery trip to Boston, where we experienced the van Gogh immersion show. I wanted to top that off last night with dinner and a movie. The snow put a damper on that forcing us to dine at home. Sue ordered her favorite, mushroom pizza, “crispy”, and told me to pick it up in twenty minutes. I’m not fond of pizza so I made myself a nice crispy salad topped with a spicy chicken burger. We then settled into our PJs, and watched, “The Power of the Dog”.

This is New England

The town, finally doing the right thing, didn’t bring the DPW workers in overnight to plow. With only three or four inches in the roads, there really was no reason to plow at all. This is New England fercryingoutloud. We are a tough bunch, and can handle that little snow easily.

Our laundry room is being redone. Actually it was never done, we are making it a room in lieu of cellar space. The clothes still have to be cleaned and dried so I made a trip to the local laundromat this morning. It’s not a bad place to read BTW. On the way, I made a video, and the link is below. I have to do the link thing till I figure out how to make it so when someone clicks on the video on WordPress, it goes to YouTube and doesn’t open on my WP page. Till then CLICK HERE for today’s video.

On the lighter side

My five year old grandson in Atlanta celebrated his birthday with a party at local park in the city. I asked him in my normal accent. “How was your pahhty in the pahhhk”. He just looked at me and smiled. I repeated, “how was your pahhty in the pahhk? Again, no response. Finally I said, “Hey Y’all, how was your pourrtee in the pourrk while contorting my face. “Fine” he said . His dad got a kick out of that.

I really enjoy hearing all the different accents and dialects. Over the decades of listening and paying attention, I have become very astute at recognizing the regions and countries. Wouldn’t it be very boring if we all sounded alike?

Sports News

The New England Revolution Concacaf Champions League vs AS Calvary has been moved from the 15th to the 18th of this month due to challenges the Haitian club is facing in their attempts to obtain the necessary visas to travel. That’s OK with me since the prediction of temps in the teens at game time. We’ll see how the 18th pans out.

MLS Is Back

Because of a positive Covid test, I cancelled my trip to Columbus, Ohio for the US/El Salvador, World Cup Qualifying game. Fortunately, I was able obtain a ticket to the sold out US/Panama Qualifyer in Orlando, Fla next month. Things may work out for the best because this could be the game that actually qualifies the US for a spot in Qatar.

CLICK HERE for the video.

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