Bike Bits

The weather is improving and the roads and paths are clear. It’s been a struggle for two years to get content for this blog, which was created to showcase local and out of the ordinary bicycle events. Today is not one of those posts. {{{{{Breath}}}}}. They are however, returning with the first event next Friday, March 18, 2022.

Providence Bike Jam March Magic

Grab your wands🪄 and mount your steeds🚲, there’s magic in the air. Fly with us like the dragon and the griffin as we howl the night away!! 🎶

Spring is here, baby. Join your fam and let’s cast some spells over this city ✨


In the Spring of 2020 we had planned to attend Tyler and Susan’s wedding in Shanghai, China. After two years, we finally met up with the newlywed who stayed in our home while they were looking for an apartment in Boston. They returned to Fairhaven every afternoon and we all spent some quality time together.

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