This Weekend’s Rides

Friday Night.

Calling cyclists of all ages and skill levels! If you’ve ever wanted to join a group ride, but felt there were too many speed or spandex requirements, we’ve got you covered. Come join our casual, monthly night ride where we roll through the city, playing music along the way! Rides are typically @10 miles or so and we try to end someplace for drinks and socializing afterwards. We follow the rules of the road, as long as it’s safe to do so. Come have fun!

Expect two hundred (give or take) riders for this popular event.

CLICK HERE for the details


Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning


Join us in celebration of Earth day as we explore the Shining Sea bikeway. The path stretches from North Falmouth to Woods Hole. The path is 21.4 miles with amenities along the way. The bikeway offers vistas of Buzzards Bay, kettle ponds and the unique flora and fauna of Cape Cod.

CLICK HERE for the details

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