From A Friend

I met the son of a good friend on Sunday. His dad and I started a youth soccer league in the late 70’s, and we became not only commissioners, but also pretty good friends. Both of our boys played against and with each other through high school I hadn’t seen Jim Jr., ( who lived in DC and now in WV), in years. While catching up, I mentioned that I would be in Europe in two weeks. One of the cities I’m visiting is Bruges. That got him talking about a movie he found to be “brilliant”. “In Bruges”

Ray: Ken, I grew up in Dublin. I love Dublin. If I grew up on a farm, and was retarded, Bruges might impress me but I didn’t, so it doesn’t.

It about two assassins on vacation in Bruges. It has violence. It has profanity. It has religious overtones. It’s funny and it’s is brilliant.

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