Europe Bound

Today, Friday, will most likely be my last day biking for a couple of weeks. Saturday could be hectic preparing for international travel. We always go to dinner the evening before one or both of us travel. This time it will be with friends. I am a season ticket member for the New England Revolution and will be watching this home match from my living room. Not as good as my row two seats, but it will do.

Sue and I board Air Canada on Sunday afternoon for a flight to Amsterdam where I may ride on a tour of the city. We will also visit Brussels and Bruges before moving on to Paris and London. I have wanted to visit Paris with Sue for over thirty years. Also, Bruges is a favorite of friend who have traveled to Europe and we are looking forward to spending time in that city.

Depending on the availability of tickets and time, I’m going to try my best to attend at least one football match. London is my best bet because it will be on the weekend.

4 thoughts on “Europe Bound

  1. Enjoy, brother! So jelly. Shirley you can rent bikes wherever you go. Don’t recall if Mrs. Capejohn rides, and touring a city by bike would be great.

    Say hi to Lawson Craddock if you see him on the Giro. And fellow cyclist blogger A View from the Back. I think she’s in the south of France.

    Wish I were coming woth, or at least to the Cape to housesit! Already hitting high 90s here, humid too. Ugh. Bon voyage!


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