So Close, Yet…..

Terry the biker and I met at the designated meeting spot of the group ride. A 3:30 meet for a 4 PM start. Approaching the start, a rider crossed the road in front of me and I was tempted to ask if he was here for the event. The organizer made it clear that helmets were mandatory to ride with his group. This guy was helmet-less so I passed on querying him.

It was approaching the start time and still no one around. Terry called the organizer and he assured us that we were at the correct place, Buttonwood Park warming house. We both left at 4:30 figuring we got something wrong. Terry rode north, I rode east.

My route took me to the end location of the ride where I met a fellow Starchaser who said the ride was in progress. He also said that Terry and I were close, but at the wrong start location. It was at the park, but at the zoo entrance and not the warming house, a mere 500 feet away.

I did get some video of geese and a turtle as a consolation.

One thought on “So Close, Yet…..

  1. Amazing what a difference 500 feet can make. My father and his cousin completely missed each other on an annual visit because they were at opposite entrances to a museum. They had to wait 4 years before they saw each other again.


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