Crazy Busy and Fun Weekend in Boston

#1 son and his son, flew in from Colorado to spend some time with college friends in Maine and also quality time with Ma and Pa. I have season tickets to the New England Revolution and attended the Saturday night game.

Sunday we drove to Braintree Logan Express, and were picked up by Sue’s Brother who drove us to Boston. We had two nights in the Sheraton at the Hynes Center, and Jeff was only there for the Sox game. More about the parking at the end of this monologue.

We met Keith and Koa at the Sox game because our hotel check in was later in the afternoon, leaving our things in the car. We left the game with the Sox up, 7-2 late in the match. Right after singing Sweet Caroline with the rest of the spectators. Later we met our nephew Tyler and his wife Susan, for dinner at the Oyster House. Dinner for 5 was a mere $380. We’ll leave it at that.

Monday morning was a trip the the New England Aquarium. It was very interesting, especially the Theater. “Birds Over Water” was playing in the very expansive seating area that had no problem accommodating the seven people who paid to watch the show. Later in the day, we walked the few blocks to board our WWII landing craft for our surf and turf Duck Tour.

For dinner we traveled to Commonwealth Ave to dine again with Tyler and Susan. Susan is from Shanghai and we met at Victoria’s Secret Cantonese restaurant and let Susan order traditional Chinese cuisine. Some of which was very interesting. The food was served on a glass (similar to the one in a microwave). To get at something you wanted, simply swivel the glass in the middle of the table till your choice came to you. It was a very large serving area that never ran low on food. It just kept coming and coming. Lobster, shrimp, scallops, green beans, ribs, and the biggest eel I have ever seen. Before being chopped into very large pieces, it was the size of my arm from shoulder to wrist. An just as round. And alive.

We visited the Boston Common and the family did the Swan Boat Ride. We parted ways with the kids late morning and Sue and I got on the Green Line, transferred to the Blue Line which got us to Logan Airport. The free airport shuttle got us to terminal A where, after a 20 minute wait, we boarded the Braintree Logan Express back to our car. $21 parking $22 bus fare and $8 MBTA fare for a total of $41 for a weekend of parking. We also had the option of Parking at the Sheraton Hotel for $65/night. We chose the former.

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