Tour Begins Friday


I’m pretty much committed to a week long tour of Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. I booked Friday and Saturday nights in a hostel on the Vineyard.  As usual, I’m driving myself nuts working on what to bring.  I know I want to travel very light. Although the photo shows camping equipment on my bike, I’m really considering indoor accommodations.  I really don’t like camping, and the campgrounds on the Cape are mostly a long way from town centers.   I’ll do it on tour with friends, but alone sitting on a bench waiting to get tired enough to hit the sack kind of sucks. .  The problem I’m finding now is that all the hostels on the Cape are booked next week and the motels, hotels and B&B’s are crazy expensive.  But, like most tourist places, there are Bates Motels that let guests sleep with whatever critters, bugs and creepy crawlies that can find their way into the room.

The thing is, I’m going to ride till mid afternoon regardless of the miles, find a place to stay, clean up, and transform from a traveler to a tourist. So….tomorrow I’m going to pack my panniers, go for a short ride and see how things feel.  I really intend on traveling very light and most of the weight will be electronic. I’m sure I will make a few adjustments between tomorrow and Friday.

Bike Tour of Cape Cod and The Islands


It’s a done deal.  I’ll be touring locally this summer by riding Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and and outside chance of adding Nantucket.(probably a day trip).  It’s still in the planning stage and I’m thinking this will be a six day tour.