Road Riding

Snipatuit Pond
Causeway separating Snipatuit Pond in Rochester, Ma.

I got the Felt road bike all spiffed up for the first road ride of the year.  Twenty five miles on the back roads of Southeastern Massachusetts. CLICK HERE to see the map.  The winter riding is pretty much easy spins around town.  The rest of the year sees those rides but also medium and high mile road rides.  These are put the camera away serious rides to build up strength and stamina for the events and bike tours that are on the schedule throughout the summer.
There were a few others out on this very popular bike area.  Some roadies, a couple of mothers with their child and what looked like the tail end of a club ride.  Twenty five miles at a moderate pace was a nice start to the season.


Road Ride

House on Snipatuet

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It’s my second time on the road bike since May and it feels good.  I’m glad I didn’t sell old Gertrude.  A friend asked if I was going to blog today’s ride.  I said no, I was going to ride hard and make it a fitness ride. A point and shoot camera was next to the Garmin and as I was leaving, I grabbed both.  Today was the first day that the fall colors were noticeable.   Funny how one day everything is green and two days later the colors have burst like a Hindi Festival of Color. 

Today’s ride was 27 miles at a moderate speed with a couple of photo stops.  I couldn’t help myself.  Not much to say about the ride except the sights were pretty groovy.

Abandoned Cranberry Bog
Abandoned Cranberry Bog

Buzzards Bay coalition

Chickens on Long Plain rd.


River Road, Mattapoisett, MA
River Road, Mattapoisett, MA