Bike Summit In New Bedford

A reminder that the South Coast bike summit will be held at Fort Rodman on Thursday, March 27 at 6PM. 

There will be a bike ride to the event leaving Corks Wine and Tapas Bar at 4:15.  This route will take the bikers along West Beach in New Bedford into the West gate of Fort Rodman.  This side is the area most protected by the artillery bunkers one of which housed two 12 inch cannons and one a disappearing 8 inch gun.  We will also pass Fort Taber that was designed by a young engineer Robert E Lee. During the Civil War years Captain Henry Martyn Robert was placed in charge of the construction of the fort. It was around this time, after attending a chaotic church meeting, that he began writing the Robert`s Rules of Parliamentary Procedure. First published in 1876, it remains the standard guide to parliamentary procedure to this day. 

The riders will return via the East Beach route which offers spectacular views of Buzzard’s Bay, the Butler Flats Lighthouse and the majestic Fairhaven  wind turbines.

I will also lead a second ride from Cork’s at 5:30 if there is an interest.   I do require a text message well in advance and I will ride back from Fort Rodman to lead that second group.   The second ride will be on the more direct West Beach route. 

text or call 508-965-1216

Remember that it will be after sunset when we depart the summit.  Light up your bike and bring a helmet if you wish, but the route is very well lit and bike friendly, so you decide. 

Don’t forget your bike lock.


139th posing at Battery Cross – 1911 – Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Briars HartImage


Built in 1899 this battery on the east side of Fort Taber was named in honor of Col. William Walcott who served during the Civil War. This battery was armed with a “disappearing” 8-inch gun.

ImageButler’s Flats Lighthouse in the New Bedford harbor.




One of the two majestic Fairhaven wind turbines




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