Willy Wier and The South Coast Bike Summit

The South Coast Bike Summit was a success last night.  A few politicians and bike advocates spoke eloquently about the plans in place concerning bike infrastructure. MassBike and East Coast Greenways were represented and gave enlightening presentations on how the bike culture is progressing in Southeastern Massachusetts.  It was the usual meeting of the mind kind of summit until the last speaker took the podium.  He is a bike traveler and was mingling with the attendees during the reception hour.  He is an author, a radio hose and Adventure Cycling Association Columnist.  Before the official summit began I purchased his book because it was about bike touring.  A few people left thinking this thing was just dragging on and boy did they miss desert.

Willy Wier was introduced just as most of us were pining for coffee or adrenalin or chocolate to keep awake.  Within a minute of Willy’s presentation, everyone was ready to jump  up and praise the glory of bike riding.  Willy, a professional thespian (actor for those tempted to google thespian), tuned from the quiet guy in the green shirt to the guy on a corner handing out twenty dollar bills.   When he finished there was a dash to the back of the building to buy his book. There was not enough to fulfill the demand but anyone can order one online.   He signed my book with with this quote.

Dream- pedal -travel- repeat

After the summit we all gathered at Cork’s Wine and Tapas bar.  A handful of us stayed much too late and to add insult to this, I had a cold, windy 5 mile bike ride home.  I awoke around 7AM so evidently I made it.  But….during that cocktail 4 hours, I had ample time to speak with Willy about bike travel.  Before this I was feeling apprehensive about my 1200 mile tour.  Now I’m looking forward to doing this ride from Jacksonville, Fla. to Austin, Tx and I’m determined to do it in October instead of next March. The mail was delivered as I was leaving the house this morning and low and behold my Adventure Cycling Southern Tier Maps arrived. Do you believe in divine intervention? Ha! Me neither.

Willy Wier on the right
Stragglers at Cork’s Wine and Tapas Bar
Chairman of the Massachusetts Transportation Committee, Representative Bill Strauss a very good friend of bikes.

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