Two Weeks And Counting Down

Before I decided to ride a cross country solo tour I signed with the Rails to Trails group. This is my second tour with them.  Every time I plan on doing a summer tour, usually in the dead of winter, the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) is on my wish list.  Last year my two riding partners had limited time to tour because they are both working. The logistics of the GAP and the C&O combination ride was cutting things too close for the working stiffs and we did Lake Champlain as plan B so to speak.

I did a tour with the Rails to Trails group in 2009, and because of the route, I left a day early and finished on my own.  Frankly, it bored me to no end.  Because there were no potential riding partners this summer I decide to do a solo cross country tour in October.  Things again conspired to force a postponement till the spring of 2015.  Fortunately I had the Rail to Trails ride in the bag. It’s a mixed group of 300 riders and is fully supported. There is no set daily departure time and riders travel at their own pace.  This allows people to ride with others or ride solo if they choose.

For accommodations, I am mixing tenting and B&B’s. I have ridden every day the past month and the equipment is all checked out and in good shape.  I am taking two days to travel to Cumberland, MD and plan to stop in York, PA to meet a couple of fellow bike bloggers. Summer is bike touring time. The first day of summer is June 21st and the tour begins on June 22nd. It’s all in the timing.

One thought on “Two Weeks And Counting Down

  1. Bummer that you might have to move the Big Tour, but big kudos for finding alternate plans. Summer, indeed, is touring time.


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