Fort Rodman/Fort Taber. New Bedford, MA.

There was a whaleboat race being held on the waterfront at Fort Rodman in New Bedford, Ma.  It’s roughly 7 miles from home to the fort and being a nice sunny Saturday morning,  I couldn’t come up with anything better even if I was looking. While there I got word that there was a WWII encampment and enactment in progress.  Inside Fort Taber three groups were encamped.  A German, and English and and American group of reenacters were all bivouacked.   There were not as many as usual because of all the other encampments around the area because of the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

The battle took place on actual bunkers built during WWII at Fort Rodman which added a lot to the ambiance of war.  There were a few WWII veterans in attendance and I really don’t know if they like the battle scene very much. I overheard one comment that it brought back too many memories.  One of the odd sights was when a man in a German officers uniform approached a veteran, shook his hand and thanked him for his service.  That must have been creepy for the old timer I’ll bet.

After the battle reenactment I went back to the whaleboat racing area for lunch.  I was not part of the group but there were all these hot dogs just sitting around getting old so I stepped in to help clear the table and ate two of them.  (and two brownies, and a bag of chips. )  So much for yesterday’s smoothy idea from Bobby Flay.




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