Fathers Day Ride

Lots of activity all around today.  Walkers, runners, bikers and dogs on the MUP.  Motorcycles were out in force also on this warm sunny Fathers Day.  I tossed around a couple of routes ending up winging the whole ride with no real preset destination.  I did the long way around to the town of Wareham MA, near Cape Cod and while in that town stumbled upon a Revolutionary War era reenactment.   I have to say that this area loves it’s war history.  I usually ignore anything war or military related but these reenactments are so hokey they can be fun.   Most of the participants are very nerdy and the Revolution era ones take the cake.  I stayed for a few minutes to get some video but slipped away after 20 minutes or so.

My second stop was at the old Tremont Nail,  where I came upon the Cupcake truck, claiming the best cupcakes ever made.   I got one and it was good, but not special.  I think good pretty much translates into lots of sugar.  It was OK but I certainly could have done much better for three bucks which would have gotten me lots of fruit, nuts and some change to put back into my pocket.

Finally, around 15 miles from home two fully loaded tourist approached.  As they passed across the road I yelled,  “youse riding to the Cape?”   The pulled over and we talked for a bit.  They began their ride in North Carolina and were riding to Maine. I never did get the camera out for these two but maybe I’ll find them online somewhere.   They are not posting on Crazy Guy (I asked) but didn’t do a follow up to see if they were posting online somewhere.


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