Decision Time


I’m still tossing around which bike to bring on tour this weekend.  I have a touring bike and a hybrid bike. Both are fine, and neither has an advantage for this easy tour which I suppose is the reason that I keep changing my mind.  I’m going to put everything I’m taking on both bike today and hopefully that will settle this conundrum which gets vexing at times.

I’m also putting together everything else I’m taking.  The equipment, tent, sleeping bag, netbook, cameras etc. are easy.   The clothing to take always causes indecision.   I did learn on my first tour a few years ago not to pack cotton shirts.  One is OK but that time I think I loaded six of them along with blue jeans,  underwear, a couple of long sleeve shirts, a jacket and raincoat.  It added so much weight making every mile a lot more work than it should have been.  I know how to pack for a tour and now it’s just a matter of fashion sense.

On item that is essential is my US Soccer shirt.  My first night on tour, the US/Portugal match is at 5PM.  I’ll do my research to find a place in Cecil Township, don my kit, order a pint and suffer the stress that is inherent with the passion of watching my country battle the hated Portuguese.    My home town is 60% Portuguese,  I grew up playing with Portagees, and playing on Portuguese teams.  In 2002, we spanked them good in Korea and being a proud member of AO Providence, R.I.…………  I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN on Sunday

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