Harrisburg, PA

Harrisburg, PA Capital building
Harrisburg, PA Capital building


It was smooth sailing for most of the drive to Harrisburg, PA and it looked like I would complete the drive in just over 7 hours.  While driving on I78 one of those Amber Alert type messages caught my eye briefly saying, “Incident on I-81 at mile 74”.  I came across the incident, an accident, and it took me almost an hour to complete the last 8 miles of the drive.  No big deal.  Just say’n.

I did get to meet a bike blogging friend George, who is undercover as doc when he is online.  I guess now though the gig is up.  We tried to get a third wheel into this blog-o-sphere meet up but that didn’t work out. Too bad because I was going to offer to pay off his house mortgage.  Doc found us a really nice brewery restaurant downtown and we shared stories over good food and really good beer.

After dinner, George gave me a quick tour of downtown Harrisburg which is an architectural gem as the photos will attest. I enjoyed the tour so much that, after being dropped at my hotel, I got right into my car and went back to check the place out more thoroughly.

There is a great footbridge crossing the Susquehanna river that brings you to an island with a soccer and baseball stadium.  I bought a ticket for the cheap seats to the AA baseball game that was in the top of the 7th inning.  Ten bucks wasn’t bad at all for three innings and a free hat.

Tomorrow, I be driving to Cumberland, MD, spend the day doing some sight seeing of that area.  On Sunday, my bike and I will be transported to Weirton, WV and begging our sojourn back to Cumberland by way of Pittsburgh on the Great Allegheny Passage.  For now, here are some photos of today’s adventure


Pennsylvania State Capital
Bridge across the Susquehanna River
AA baseball. The Harrisburg Senators


3 thoughts on “Harrisburg, PA

  1. Hey John, It was good to finally meet you in person and spend a little time shooting the breeze. What a great way to end a long week of driving a desk! I hope the rest of your trip continues to be a pleasant adventure! doc


  2. Hey, sorry I couldn’t meet up…..my wife was in the hospital-didn’t reply back on Facebook as not all of her family members were aware of where she was. All is well, but Thursday and Friday were a tad stressful.


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