Saturday Morning Cafe Ride

The rain moved out around 9 AM as predicted and the sky turned partly sunny. It was a nice start to this years Cafe Rides on the East Bay Bike Path.  East Providence to Bristol R.I. this 13.5 mile long paved rail to trail conversion is one of the most popular rail trails in the are.  Unlike most, this rail trail is pretty wide open traveling along the Providence river to Narragansett Bay in Bristol.  Bristol Bagel Works is the turn around spot but not before a light snack and a cup of pretty good joe.

I emphasize a nice start because nature hit us hard with the wind on the return leg.  30-40 MPH sustained winds with gusts somewhat higher conspired to knock us off our rigs.  There were a couple of times when the gust almost pushed me off the path into the gully.  Us hardy bicyclists know however, that the wind is our friend, and it makes us stronger riders. Even if, like today, the wind made the ride seem like we were climbing the Alps.

East Bay Bike Path Cafe Ride from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

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