Easy Bike Rides This Weekend

Bike Fall River Announces 2 rides for the weekend.

Saturday – Ride Around the Taunton River

Saturday, July 11, 2015 – Meet at 7:45am at the Park N Ride in Somerset off of County Street near the Rockland Trust Bank.
Ride will start at 8:00am This ride is for experienced road cyclists. The distance is approximately 23 to 25 miles and riders will encounter several hilly roads. Know your limitations.
The group will ride north along the scenic Somerset shoreline onto Dighton and then cross over the Taunton River into Berkley. From Berkley the group will head south into Freetown, Fall River and then over the Veterans Memorial Bridge back into Somerset.
Helmets are highly recommended, make sure to bring water and a snack.

Sunday – East Bay Bike Path and Colt State Park (Great Ride For Beginners!!!)

Sunday, July 12, 2015 – Meet at 7:45am at the parking lot along the East Bay Bike Path in Warren. Take 103 from Somerset to Warren, take first left after Dels Lemonade stand and park along the left. Ride starts at 8:00am. The East Bay Bike path and the paths in Colt State Park are level with very small inclines. This ride will be at a leisurely pace and will take in the beautiful scenery at Colt State Park. The ride is approximately 10 to 12 miles. When the ride is over riders can opt for a longer ride by heading north on the East Bay Bike path. Helmets are highly recommended and make sure to bring water and a snack.

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