Friday Night Sunset/Full Moon Fiasco #1

Years ago with the FBC that had chapters in a few cities across the country. Like HERE, HERE and HERE. We did a full moon fiasco every month.  Maybe, this is the return of that monthy fun event. Just maybe.


2016 SEPTEMBER FULL MOON RIDE from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

Casual Recovery Ride? Yeah Right.

The plan was a 21 mile easy spin to recover from Tuesday night’s hammerfest. I made arrangements with the owner of Hungry Heroes Sub Shop for some riders to park and we would be back for the after ride dinner.   I led us out of the parking lot, looked back and was the only one riding . One of our riders got a flat a few dozen yards from the start.                                       .

Wed Night Ramble, Fairhaven 002
Geoff fixing his flat

As we rode on the MUP I began to quicken the pace from our 8 MPH.  Everyone was keeping up OK.  On this ride was the new kid.  Nick got his first road bike for Christmas and during the ride over the weekend that I was video taping, I noticed how he stayed with the fast riders. After telling my co-leader, Flat Tire Geoff, where we would meet up, I told the kid to go to after burners.  We quickly got our speed up, way up.  As we were riding I gave him instructions on pace line riding, how I would signal him to take over the lead.

We were clipping along at a pace of 18-21 MPH, I pulled left to let Nick take the lead and that’s when I noticed there were 4 of us in the paceline, and there was a second one chasing us.  Once Nick got the lead, the bastards dropped me.

Wed Night Ramble, Fairhaven 003

Fortunately,  I was the only one who knew the route we were riding and we had to regroup at strategic spots when there were choices of turns to make.

Wed Night Ramble, Fairhaven 005

After this stop we had a Strava segment coming up. Sixteen year old Nick who has been riding for less than two months, pulled the whole group of us up Vaughn Hill road at 22 MPH.  Near the top, I blew up and had to drop out of the contest and also noticed that the rest of the pace line had also blown up and dropped back.. It was just me and Nick.  I yelled had him to go for it, he didn’t understand what I was saying and also dropped his speed.  It’s too bad, because he was on pace to break into the top ten for this segment.

At the 1/2 way point Lloyds Market, we again regrouped and rode as a pack for quite a way stopping to visit the Clydesdale Ranch and another horse ranch.  The Clydesdales were put away for the night, but Baby, a few miles down the road was more than happy to spend time with anyone who stopped by.

Wed Night Ramble, Fairhaven 007

Wed Night Ramble, Fairhaven 008
One of the reasons we had to stop and regroup was Nick’s dad riding sweep.  Not by choice BTW. 

The last highlight of this route was riding past the World Headquarters of Titelist Golf, the Acushnet Company. We arrived at Hungry Heroes with calories to spare just in time to see the closed sign.

Wed Night Ramble, Fairhaven 009 Wed Night Ramble, Fairhaven 001

Riding With The Fall River Bike Group On The Roads Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled

The Daily Post asked us to write about the road less traveled.  A suggestion was made on the topic but today’s bike ride on the quiet roads on the SouthCoast of Massachusetts made the daily post very apropos.


The Fall River Bike Committee put the word out for a bike ride in my back yard. I offered to lead the ride, they accepted, and we rode. The group set the pace to accommodate some new riders who by the way did wonderful and liked it.

FALL RIVER BIKE COMMITEE from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

CLICK HERE for the ride with GPS route.

We Have A Team For The 5 Boroughs

Southcoast bikeway friends
Voices for a Health South Coast Bike Friends.

I have a pretty big network of bike riding friends, both locally, in Southern New England, and not so local, like Seattle, WA, Portland OR , Toronto and Panama City, Panama.  Locally, I’m trying my darndest to get the locals to expand their sense of adventure and do something different besides the same old rides, weekend after weekend, year after year.  One of those adventures is the NYC Five Boroughs Bike Tour. Continue reading “We Have A Team For The 5 Boroughs”

One Day Bike Events

There are a few local one day bike events that any biker rider worth their salt should have on their to do list.  There is one local “bucket list” ride that everyone should do at least once.

Continue reading “One Day Bike Events”

Bike Touring


From Cycling the Erie Canal in 2012

For years the website crazyguyonabike was the go to journal host for those who traveled by bike.  People from around the world post their bike adventures that ranged from the week long ride along the Erie Canal to the multi year bike ride around the world.  Crazy guy had a build in audience that gave the riders the motivation to keep their journal up to date to satisfy their fans.   It’s where I caught the bug by following the journal of a 25 year old NYC kid riding his bike across America solo.

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2016 NYC Bike Tour Registration

Registration begins on the 12th at 10 AM.  Join team “” and come ride with us.

Register for the 2016 TD Five Boro Bike Tour! from Bike New York on Vimeo.