Two Thousand Miles and It’s Still July.

2000 Mile Club.

A few short years ago, I bought my first real road bike.  2005 I think.  It was a Giant OC3 and I thought it was the neatest thing.  Before that I was riding a very much over sized Huffy, and was so proud of riding 15 miles after work every day. Naturally, I got into road riding and bought a helmet, speed-o-meter and spandex.  Shorts, shirts, bike sock.  I looked the part of the Tour de France contender racing along at 18 MPH on the bike path. I’m embarrassed to no end over that, and really feel for the wives of the men I see doing that now.  Back then, it was a goal to ride two thousand miles in a year.  I have a couple of certificates from the Appalachian Mountain Club for reaching that goal.  2K in a year was a big deal.  I had a good year last years and am having a better one this year.

Today I hit the 2000 mile milestone.  It’s the earliest I have accomplished that.  Back on 06-07 something like that, I was going for rides in cold, sometimes sub freezing weather in late December, to get to the 2K goal.  It’s so easy now because I very seldom drive.  I bike everywhere and putting on 25-40 miles a day is the norm.   I don’t do the 50 and 60 mile club rides any more and it’s unusual for me to ride more than 25 miles at one time.  I may to 15 miles three times a day and my normal weekly miles range in the 180 to 220 miles.  The high miles is when I do the weekend rides with the local groups in the area.

A short reprieve from riding to travel to Atlanta for the Gold Cup.  US/Jamaica on Wednesday night.  It should be a hoot

4 thoughts on “Two Thousand Miles and It’s Still July.

  1. I’m thrilled that you’re putting that retirement to good use! What better way to spend your retirement than from the seat of a bike.


  2. This post is just all-round goo. In a short space it does a nice job describing your journey as a cyclist and where you are today. And you get some footie in there too. All good.


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