Wood’s Hole Coffeneuring

North Carolina couple visiting Cape Cod
North Carolina couple visiting Cape Cod

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The coffeneuring challenge begins next week and today’s pre challenge training ride couldn’t have been better.   The Shining Sea Bike Way is a ten mile paved Rail to Trail conversion from Falmouth to Woods Hole, Massachusetts.   Because these converted trails are usually isolated, it’s a good idea to get off the path and ride some of the local roads when possible.  The Shining Sea, being a coastal trail has some really spectacular scenery for the more astute riders who take a chance and leave the trail.

One block from the trail we came across sights like this.
One block from the trail we came across sights like this.
Off the Path
Off the Path

At the end of the trail is the town of Wood’s Hole.  The ferry terminal to Martha’s Vineyard is always bustling and the town has the typical quaint New England look and feel.  Woods Hole also host the National Marine Fisheries part of NOAA, and Wood’s Hole Oceanographic Institute.  Both are the mecca for marine biology and a visitor will hear a plethora of languages being spoken around those sites.  It’s also the home port of Robert Ballard who found the Titanic in 1985.

There is not a lot to see in Wood’s Hole, but that doesn’t preclude the place from being pretty spectacular.  On the trail I stuck up a conversation with a couple from North Carolina.  We began riding together, hit things off pretty good which allowed me to be their local guide to the Secret Places.  That being those places that a traveler would never experience without the aid and knowledge of a local.  A few years ago I had a local show me those secret places and today I got to share them with new friends. I did go off script in Wood’s Hole when I recommend they lunch at the very popular Pie in the Sky cafe.  We became separated on the trail just outside of Wood’s Hole before I could ask them to join me at the secret spot for lunch.  They dined at Pie in the Sky and I at the place that will remain one of the Secret Places.  We did meet up again after lunch for a tour of the town it’s scenic waterfront and harbor.

Harbor at Woods Hole
Harbor at Woods Hole
Oceanographic ship at Wood's Hole
Oceanographic ship at Wood’s Hole

And for my coffeeneuring challenge practice ride.

Coffee at the still secret place in Wood's Hole
Coffee at the still secret place in Wood’s Hole

All the photos of today’s rider are HERE

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