Upcoming Ride. Lunch on Martha’s Vineyard

Sunday September 27th. Martha’s Vineyard

I am going to take the ferry from Wood’s Hole to the Vineyard Sunday morning.  It’s a ride I did in June and have been talking it up with bike friends.   The weather window is closing for this ride and I’m thinking Sunday would be a great day to get er done.

We will take the 9:30 AM ferry to the island, ride around for a couple of hours, have lunch on the Vineyard and take an early afternoon boat back to Wood’s Hole. The ferry is still running often which gives us lots of time choices to leave the island.  The round trip cost of the ferry is $25 per person including the bike.  We can park for free by using the last parking lot on the Shining Sea Bikeway. (Either # 7 or 6 on the map)  Get to Woods Hole early enough and enjoy a wonderful breakfast at Pie In The Sky Bakery.

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Pie in the Sky Bakers at Wood's Hole
Pie in the Sky Bakers at Wood’s Hole

The ride will take us into the “doll house” section of Oak Bluffs.  From there we ride along the beach to Edgartown.  We can spend a little time in Edgartown if you wish.  There are many lunch options if anyone wants to eat on the island. Some may want to skip lunch there and eat off island.  The numerous ferry departure times allows for everyone to personalize this ride.

Doll Houses in Oak Bluffs
Doll Houses in Oak Bluffs
The Black Dog
The Black Dog

CLICK HERE for the ferry schedule.

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