Bow Wow Talk

At Flower Girls Cafe in Fairhaven, MA
At Flower Girls Cafe in Fairhaven, MA

I occasionally go to some bicycle forums, not as often as I did in the past.  A couple of things drove me away.  Within a few posts, the original poster’s question, comment etc. was long gone, often replaced by bad humor, corny statements or the post being completely hijacked.  The other was what I heard a long time ago is called bow wow talk.  That’s when it takes multiple paragraphs to say a sentence.  That’s what I did today on someone’s blog and ended up talking about me.  I have to keep reminding myself to write about me on my own forum and keep my comments short, stick to the authors story and keep it about them.

Now.   About me:  I didn’t expect to get any riding done this week because of the stormy weather. There was a lull in the rain today but not the wind.  But as we bike riders all subscribe to is that the wind is our friend.  Hills too.  You agree?   The gym, coffee, shopping all got done by bike today as they should.

The coffeeneuring challenge begins next week and I’ll be in Austin for the first installment.  Road trips, biking and coffee are the staff of good living.  I’m staying at the Austin, Motel and it’s sign is an icon that either brings a smile or a shake of the head. Austin-Motel-South-Congress

Moon high tide.
Moon high tide.

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