Casual Recovery Ride? Yeah Right.

The plan was a 21 mile easy spin to recover from Tuesday night’s hammerfest. I made arrangements with the owner of Hungry Heroes Sub Shop for some riders to park and we would be back for the after ride dinner.   I led us out of the parking lot, looked back and was the only one riding . One of our riders got a flat a few dozen yards from the start.                                       .

Wed Night Ramble, Fairhaven 002
Geoff fixing his flat

As we rode on the MUP I began to quicken the pace from our 8 MPH.  Everyone was keeping up OK.  On this ride was the new kid.  Nick got his first road bike for Christmas and during the ride over the weekend that I was video taping, I noticed how he stayed with the fast riders. After telling my co-leader, Flat Tire Geoff, where we would meet up, I told the kid to go to after burners.  We quickly got our speed up, way up.  As we were riding I gave him instructions on pace line riding, how I would signal him to take over the lead.

We were clipping along at a pace of 18-21 MPH, I pulled left to let Nick take the lead and that’s when I noticed there were 4 of us in the paceline, and there was a second one chasing us.  Once Nick got the lead, the bastards dropped me.

Wed Night Ramble, Fairhaven 003

Fortunately,  I was the only one who knew the route we were riding and we had to regroup at strategic spots when there were choices of turns to make.

Wed Night Ramble, Fairhaven 005

After this stop we had a Strava segment coming up. Sixteen year old Nick who has been riding for less than two months, pulled the whole group of us up Vaughn Hill road at 22 MPH.  Near the top, I blew up and had to drop out of the contest and also noticed that the rest of the pace line had also blown up and dropped back.. It was just me and Nick.  I yelled had him to go for it, he didn’t understand what I was saying and also dropped his speed.  It’s too bad, because he was on pace to break into the top ten for this segment.

At the 1/2 way point Lloyds Market, we again regrouped and rode as a pack for quite a way stopping to visit the Clydesdale Ranch and another horse ranch.  The Clydesdales were put away for the night, but Baby, a few miles down the road was more than happy to spend time with anyone who stopped by.

Wed Night Ramble, Fairhaven 007

Wed Night Ramble, Fairhaven 008
One of the reasons we had to stop and regroup was Nick’s dad riding sweep.  Not by choice BTW. 

The last highlight of this route was riding past the World Headquarters of Titelist Golf, the Acushnet Company. We arrived at Hungry Heroes with calories to spare just in time to see the closed sign.

Wed Night Ramble, Fairhaven 009 Wed Night Ramble, Fairhaven 001

I’m Calling the EPA

Today’s daily post suggestion.

Karma Chameleon Reincarnation: do you believe in it?

Do you believe in heaven and hell?  Gods? Aliens? Ghost? How about crop circles? Reincarnation is in the same category as all those other things.  I know none of those exist, so my answer is no, I don’t believe in reincarnation or any of those other things.  But they can be fun pranks to play on people.


Coffee, Bagel and the paper.

It was such a nice morning,29 and sunny, that I had my coffee and a bagel on the outside deck of Flower Girls Baking Company after my daily gym session.  Today is also a nice day to go for a long enough ride to put on my Garmin. Stay tuned.  Continue reading “I’m Calling the EPA”

2015 Coffeeneuring Challenge Celebration Ride

The 2015 Coffeeneuring Challenge is in the books. Thanks to Mary at Chaising Mailboxes for organizing the challenge for the fifth year.  Thank you also to all the new friends we have made because of our love of coffee and bike riding.  See yas around.

ONE LAST COFFEE RIDE from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

Coffeeneuring #7. The Last and Best Coffee Ride.

Cappuccino and cranberry turkey panini. L'Artisen Cafe and Bakery in Providence. RI
Cappuccino and cranberry turkey panini. L’Artisen Cafe and Bakery in Providence. RI

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CLICK HERE for all the photos on Flickr.

  • Location:  Providence R.I.
  • L’Artisen Cafe and Bakery
  • 14 mile round trip ride encompasing East Providence, Providence, Pawtucket and Central Falls. RI
  • Trees and poles to lock up you bike. But with outside seating in an upscale college area, it’s really not necessary.

I took the Randonee bike for this last coffeeneuring adventure. I have a Novara Randonnee bike but have never done a randonee. But I have been to Spain.  Today’s ride was the route connecting the East Bay Bike Path in East Providence to the Blackstone River Bikeway in Cumberland, R.I.  This is the ride I saved for the last coffeeneurs challenge and after a couple of false starts, everything fell into place today.

This route begins in East Providence at the Fort Hill parking area of the East Bay Bike Path. The normal ride is South toward Bristol R.I. which is close to Newport.  Today though, the ride takes us North to Providence. One of the highlights is crossing the Washington Bridge over the Seakonk River.

Washing Bridge bike path in Providence, RI
Washing Bridge bike path in Providence, RI

It continues through some really nice areas along the Seakonk River and into some very upscale neighborhoods including Blackstone Boulevard where years ago I rode the Tuesday night boulevard double paceline ride. It was a 30 mile open to everyone hammerfest with the Providence College and Brown University bike teams.  There were times when the paceline was 15-18 bikes long with 30+ riders.  In essence, one would pull the pack for a couple of minutes twice a night.  Being the oldest in the pack, whenever I got to the front, the ride would slow considerably. On many rides kids would tuck me into the middle of the paceline and let me be pulled along at 25-28 mph with very little effort on my part. Riding the tide, we called it. Or as they say, keep him away from the front.

The ride today also went through a couple of urban areas that get pretty busy with traffic.  Because I was fully depending on my Garmin Touring GPS for directions, (I uploaded the route), I got caught a few times on the right when I needed to go left.  Every time I looked over my shoulder to see the traffic behind me, I got a go ahead and take the lane from the driver.  Providence is a very progressive city of  college students and professors on bikes, making it very bike friendly.  I’m still learning this new Garmin of mine, and a couple of fopahs cut the distance of this ride from 26 to 14 miles.  I want to do this ride again, but as they say, there are lots of other territories to conquer.

Riding along the Seakonk River in Providence, RI
Riding along the Seakonk River in Providence, RI
Entering Pawtucket, RI
Entering Pawtucket, RI

I saved the coffeeneuring challenge for the return leg.  I didn’t know of any coffee shops in Providence, and this being the Brown University area, it was obvious to even the most casual observer, that there would be some really good ones.  L’Artisen Cafe is the reason my title says the best coffee ride.  This place was, as the kids say, “off the hook”.  The coffee was wonderful and the turkey cranberry panini was sooo good.  The sun was shining, the temperature was nearing 65 F and there was outside seating.

L'Artisen Cafe in Providence, RI
L’Artisen Cafe in Providence, RI
Cappuccino and Turkey cranberry panini
Cappuccino and Turkey cranberry panini

Hanging Around For The Night.

We expect 200 plus monsters, ghouls, princesses, jedi warriors and hobos to be at our doorstep tonight.  Wifey wanted some scary pictures of her acting as a witch but none of those seemed acceptable.  I also did some close ups of Sue and the brook at the bottom of the street.

Tomorrow, Sunday I’ll be finishing my coffeeneuring challenge by riding my bike from the head of the East Bay Bike Path in  East Providence R.I. to the Head of the Blackstone River Bikeway, in Cumberland, R.I.  I have a few coffee shops from which to choose in downtown Providence.

The Brook
The Brook

Riding to Coffee in Rhode Island.

Providence, R.I. skyline from the East Bay Bike Path
Providence, R.I. skyline from the East Bay Bike Path

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All the photos of today’s rider are HERE

The day began cool enough to dress like a bike riding chef from upstate NY.  Well not that cold but you get the point.

chilly start to the ride.
chilly start to the ride.

It was 47 F when the ride began in East Providence R.I. this morning. The sun was shining and the wind was just a whisper.   On the subject of the shining sun.  It was 9 AM and I was riding east.  All I could see was the sun and not the four people I almost rode into.

The East Bay Bike Path is a rail to trail conversion.  It’s 16 miles from East Providence to Barrington, R.I..  When riding most rail to trail conversions, there is very little to see.  Most were freight rails and towns are often quite a way off the trail. Much of the riding is on lonely dirt paths with miles and miles of nothing much.  The East Bay rail road was a passenger rail that carried people to and from Providence for school, work, or connecting trains to  New York or Boston and had stations in all five towns along the route. Main St. in all these places are no more than a block away.

Willie Wier , author and Adventure Cyclist has traveled all over the world on his bicycle. He set out to ride the KATY trail in Missouri a few years back.  Hours and hours of riding on this trail and seeing no one really bothered him.  One of the best things about bike touring is seeing things and meeting people. With that in mind, he got off the trail and did the rest of his week long bike ride on the streets and roads.  Today I got off the trail on Warren R.I. in search of a decent coffee shop.  While riding down Main St. I spotted a coffee shop with lots of activity.  Even on this chilly day, the sidewalk tables were occupied. One thing I learned traveling is that good restaurants have full parking lots, and in this case, few available tables.  I was pleasantly amazed when I entered the joint.  It was very eclectic and looked very much like one of those men’s clubs you see on old movies.  The Coffee Depot offered comfortable chairs, a library, and a counter from end to end filled with coffee shop goodies.

                                                The Coffee Depot goodies section

Cappuccino and ricotta honey danish.
Cappuccino and ricotta honey danish.

The temperature rose to the high fifties and I was treated to the full colors of fall in New England during my 20 mile ride.


And the wildlife.





Newport R.I. Bike Ride on Sunday Oct. 25.

Ocean Drive, Newport, R.I.
Ocean Drive, Newport, R.I.

About this Sunday’s Ride

NBW #064 Newport Island Circuit Tour
Click here to print

Why this ride is special

  • This is a new route of an old favorite, updated by Pete Rice, which is designed to keep us off busy roads and is especially suited to late fall and early spring rides. The short ride travels the famous Ocean Drive with its majestic bay and ocean views, and then continues up Bellevue Avenue past the mansions.
  • The longer ride heads further up the island past Middletown’s farmlands and beaches.
  • Larry & Sue Rollins will lead a beginners/new riders group on the 18 mile loop.
  • Off Season – safer riding for cyclists

Towns & Villages we travel through

Newport – Middletown

Some of the landmarks we pass by

Fort Adams
Castle Hill
Ocean Drive
Bellevue Avenue
St Georges


  • 10:00 AM Start
  • Fort Adams
  • The GPS address is 84 Fort Adams State Park, Newport, RI

GPS Files – RideWithGps format (free to use)

Coffeeneuring Ride Wood’s Hole, MA

Coffee at Coffee Obsession in Wood's Hole, MA
Coffee at Coffee Obsession in Wood’s Hole, MA

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Follow my 2015 Coffeeneuring Challenge HERE

Week three of the Coffeeneuring Challenge.  CLICK HERE for the Garmin Connect route

I called for an 8:30 meeting for anyone who wanted to ride the Shining Sea Bike Trail a 10.5 mile rail to trail conversion from Falmouth to Wood’s Hole on Cape Cod, MA.  When any of us in our group put the word out for a ride we have no idea how many would show.  It could be a solo ride or a critical mass. Today was closer to the latter.

Steve had never done this ride, which as most rail to trail MUPs, are pretty secluded.  I took him off the path a couple of times to ride along the waterfront. The scenery is so much better, to say the least.

When we arrived at Wood’s Hole, I explained to many in the group about the coffeeneuring challenge. We’ll see how many new faces show from Quincy and other Massachusetts bike clubs. Many or should I say all but two riders, piled into the Pie In The Sky cafe.  Steve and I went to Coffee Obsession on Water St. Both have very good coffee with good Baristas.

For the return ride to Falmouth, many of us left the MUP to ride along the ocean and visit the Nobska Point Lighthouse.

Very crowded Pie in the Sky Cafe in Wood's Hole, MA
Very crowded Pie in the Sky Cafe in Wood’s Hole, MA
Overflow bike parking at Pie in the Sky Cafe. Wood's Hole, Ma
Overflow bike parking at Pie in the Sky Cafe. Wood’s Hole, Ma
Riding our bikes along Buzzard's Bay at Wood's Hole, MA
Riding our bikes along Buzzard’s Bay at Wood’s Hole, MA
Nice downhill leaving the light station at Wood's Hole
Nice downhill leaving the light station at Wood’s Hole
amidnightrider and the Nobska Point light station
amidnightrider and the Nobska Point light station
Ferry and Steve Prince
Ferry and Steve Prince
Nobska Point light station
Nobska Point light station
Ferry bound for Martha's Vineyard on Buzzards Bay at Wood's hole.
Ferry bound for Martha’s Vineyard on Buzzards Bay at Wood’s hole.
Approaching Nobska Point in Wood's Hole, Ma
Approaching Nobska Point in Wood’s Hole, Ma

Coffeeneur Challenge #1 Austin Texas Road Trip

Mellow Johnny’s bike and coffee shop. In Austin, Tx.

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I waited till today to begin my challenge in order to do it on a road trip. First order of business in Austin was to rent a bike.  Austin Bike who sponsors #3 son gave me a good deal.  (I think).  “Take the bike and we will settle up when you bring it back” was the owners comment.  I have no idea what it’s going to cost, but I have confidence he will do me right.

Austin Rental Bike
Brandon, had a training ride today with his group that met at Lance Armstrong’s bike and coffee shop.  We decided that was our coffeeneuring challenge #1 entry.  An iced latte for me and a regular old hot coffee for him.  His gang went off on their ride while I hopped on ole 40 Scott (the bike brand) and rode to a great dog, jogging, biking, fitness park in the center of Austin. Norwood Estate park sits on the bank of the Colorado River.  It’s a really nice spot.

Brandon coffeeing up for his training ride in Austin at Mellow Johnny's Bike and coffee shop.
Brandon coffeeing up for his training ride in Austin at Mellow Johnny’s Bike and coffee shop.
Crew on the Colorado
Crew on the Colorado
Dog Park clientele
Dog Park clientele
Me and #3
Me and #3
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Stevie Ray Vaughan
On the grounds of the Austin Motel
On the grounds of the Austin Motel

We are doing all our transportation around the city by bike.  Tonight we will dine at G’Raj Mahal on Rainey St.  And for those back in the Northeast wondering about riding a bike at night in October.  It’s 8:30 PM here as I write and it’s 85 degrees.  No sweat.  Um  well you know what I mean.

Coffee challange #1 is done and it was a very sweet one.  Nothing like a road trip, with a bike on a warm October night.