Hanging Out With The Pros.


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Thursday night is the Driveway criterium races in Austin. When I go away alone, I usually rent a bike in stead of a car and sometimes stumble into the local bike culture.  In Austin that is very easy to do.  Go to a bike/coffee shop or a hipster bar or two on your bike and, wah lah. Your a member.

A few of us met at Mellow Johnny’s (Armstrong’s bike and coffee shop). It was pretty neat riding my comfort bike and wearing my best hat with a few of the racers in their full kits for the six mile ride to the races.

riding with the pros

It was very dark when we left the race (we all had lights), which made and equally neat ride to our dinner destination,  East Side King, a food truck behind and attached to Liberty Bar.

We did get side tracked however on the easy spin to dinner, when we heard this loud commotion and yelling off to our left side as we were about to cross a busy intersection.  A couple of dozen of the racers, who normally ride to and from the event, had stopped at a convenience store and bought a couple of cases of cheap beer, Miller High Life.  They insisted we stop and join the party. Who are we to refuse?  So we stopped.

convenience store stop.
convenience store stop.



Tilt Race Tea;m
Tilt Race Team

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