Austin By Bike

Common Cafe
Counter Cafe

Coffeeneuring Challenge #2

Distance 16 miles.  Counter Cafe in Austin, Tx.

We mounted our bikes around 10 this morning and rode to the east side of Austin for breakfast at Counter Cafe on East 6th St. in Austin.  That was after an early morning double cappuccino at the famous Joe’s Coffee right next to the Austin Motel.

We decide to take a tour of Austin and also add a little culture to Brandon’s resume.  After riding around East and West 6th we took a spin to the Austin City Limits venue before continuing to the Austin Botanical Gardens. On the return ride we stopped for a light lunch at a neighborhood market where I was able to pick the perfect bike money purse. It’s so me according to my Facebook friends that have commented on it.

Austin City Limits
Austin City Limits
coin purse
My new coin purse for biking.
Bamboo at Austin Botanical Garden
Bamboo at Austin Botanical Garden
Brandon at Austin Botanical Garden
Brandon at Austin Botanical Garden

Brandon wanted to show me his training route, The Beacaves 30 mile loop and we decided to do that in his little roller  The Scion something or other. He doesn’t know it, but I dozed through most of his monologue describing every hill turn and strava points, whatever the heck that is. Why do I tell everyone this?



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