Climate Change Ride

Keeping with the coffeeneuring theme of hats.
Keeping with the coffeeneuring theme of hats.

A rainy warm morning on the South Coast of Massachusetts begged for a bike ride.  Having many long distance tours in my bio makes riding in this kind of rain just another bike ride.  It was short and again I wanted to ride in solidarity with the remaining coffeeneur challenge friends. When biking on challenging days, it’s all in the clothing.

I have friends that are regulars at a local fast food joint.  I stopped eating there a long time ago, and stopped having coffee there when they changed from Newman’s coffee to whatever brand they serve now.  yuck.  I do like to sit around with the paying customer friends and discuss ways to save the planet, or at least our country, and at more least our state.  Well, our state is fine, but our town needs saving for sure, so I guess that’s the at most more least thing to save.   I do bring my own breakfast and I get lots of request, “can I smell it”.  After that they all decline a taste.  I have, at the most, an hour to get home after my healthy breakfast.  I know there are holiday sales starting up soon, and the #1 thing on my list is a good blender so I can make my own drinks.  I’m saving the ingredients list on the one I’m sampling now for that reason.

A retro Mickey D's in Fairhaven Ma
A retro Mickey D’s in Fairhaven Ma
Bring your own food when you go to this joint.
Bring your own food when you go to this joint.

Riding in the rain is nice but going to the show is also a pretty good way to spend a rainy afternoon. Yesterday was Spectre, the latest James Bond movie.  I have read that this is the last Bond movie because they are considered to be chauvinistic. I didn’t notice and of that and  I’m still not sure if it the end of Bond, or just the end of that type of Bond.  I know 007 hung up his gun for a broad and walked into the sunset with her, which could spell the end of his bachelor lifestyle. At least this one drank vodka martinis.  (I still prefer mine with gin. Stirred not shaken. Dirty).

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