Kodak Zx5 Video Camera


I started video recording a lot of my rides a couple of years ago while preparing for my three state bike tour of West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland. On a side note. two of us will be riding the Erie Canal, end to end in June of 2016.  We have done a few tours together and separately, and both agree, that the Erie Canal is such a sweet bike ride that we will do it for the third time.

My Kodak Zx3 worked fine for over a year.  One day it seized, and that got me to check online for solutions.  It was unanimously reviewed that it was a piece of junk, and to not even try to get it working again.  After months of on and off attempts, I posted on that same forum how much I concurred.

I wanted to video some of my rides again and found a good deal on the Kodak Zx5 that got much better review than the Zx3.  I do much of the recording while riding and that’s the reason I don’t use my smart phone.  Dropping that would get very expensive, and also the Kodak has a wrist strap and is much easier to operate than a Droid.

I also don’t use YouTube much. I much prefer Vimeo for many reason.  I also bought a pretty high end video software back then and kind of feel compelled to use it.  One of my favorites is HERE.  A ride in Provincetown MA, on the outer tip of Cape Cod.  Standing at the beginning of US Rt 6 that terminates in Long Beach, CA was very cool.  The dunes made me wonder if I was still on earth.  You’ll see it if you check out the Video.

Below is the unedited Zx5 in action.

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