Providence to Warren RI Bike Ride

I was very late for the group ride on the East Bay Bike Path in Rhode Island. They began at 10, I arrived at 11.  I met a couple in the lot who were new to biking, and asked if they had ever ridden over the Washington Bridge.  It’s was only a quarter mile away and I assured them it was well worth the detour.   Naturally they loved it.  I stopped on the top of the bridge for the opening monologue of the following video.

On the return from Warren, RI I was able to hook up with the group ride.  One was returning to the bridge and I decided to ride back for the closing monologue.  Surprisingly he didn’t cross but instead road on what I though was a dead end service road.  Actually it was a shortcut to the Blackstone River Bikeway.  Another one of those secret places you only find out about when you ride with a local.   I’m going back during the week to give that new route a go.

PROVIDENCE TO WARREN R.I. from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Providence to Warren RI Bike Ride

  1. In the early 1980s I ran from Providence to Colt State Park along the railroad right of way. I remember it as a beautiful run except for the crummy footing caused by the rails and ties. It’s great to see this converted to a rail trail. Thanks for the video


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