The Bell Ringers Academy

The Meeting room

Every November I begin volunteering at the local Salvation Army.  My job is to deliver the bell ringers to their designated spots.  Today was the first day with only a hand full of ringers on duty.  We will have many more stores after Thanksgiving and things will get kind of crazy around here.

Every morning they get the daily training speech usually about the dos and don’ts of bell ringing.  I leave after the speech  so they can say their prayers then it’s party time. I set the radio in the van to the Martha’s Vineyard station, turn up the volume, and we rock the van on the drive to the stations.  If you ever get the hankering to join us by listening on line.  I’m sure you will love the music.  Today it was Robbie Roberson’s cover of Bruce Hornsby that got us going.  Just click the play button at the top of the page.

Behind the scenes at the Salvation Army Bell Ringers Academy
The Bell stands standing tall.


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