Feels Like Nine!!!!

Every morning right around 6:30 AM I go outside in my pajama bottoms, tee shirt and slippers to retrieve the newspaper from the foot of my driveway. This morning, that task took my breath away.

I pulled up Weather underground on my phone and saw this.

9 Degrees

Then this.

Weather allert
Severe Weather Alert

My first thought was about layers for my bike ride to the gym.  Got your attention?

Everything worked out fine and by the time I got to the gym which is just over a mile from my house, I had the slightest bit of perspiration  going on.  By noon time when I left, the temperature had topped off at 26 F and sunny.  Riding a bit further to do some shopping was not bad at all.  If your a winter bike rider or commuter, you know that it’s all in the layers.

I did manage to get a few photos of the waterfront during my 45 minute ride between errands.

And there is always time set aside for coffee.

Having coffee




3 thoughts on “Feels Like Nine!!!!

  1. Well, you’re a braver man than I would be LOL…this morning’s driving commute to work for me the car was telling me it was -18C (which if I remember correctly, is about 0F). Too cold for me to be biking 65KM to work 🙂


  2. Seems wrong to be that cold and not have any snow. Personally I can have fun at any temp as long as there is snow to play in. We have just enough here to get out in. I’m planning a winter camping trip in a few weeks.


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