Even the Salt Water Froze

Even the salt water froze
Frozen Salt marsh

This post is just a front for the video at the end.  Skip all this and scroll down.

As I rode by the salt marsh I could hear the crackling of the ice breaking away.  The over night temperature was in the single digits, but the day eventually warmed to 40 F. The cold however, didn’t stop the town workers from clearing the Naskatucket River outlets. This has to be done twice a year to prevent flooding toward the head of the river.

Town Workers Clearing brush

I added yoga to my winter fitness program.  I’m determined to get back into reasonable fitness which as we all know, makes life so much better. I find that as my activity improves, everything else begins to fall into place naturally.  I do more walking, eat better, and spend a lot less idle time.  When I’m out of shape and get bored, I turn on the TV and eat crappy food.  Now, I go work on one of my bikes, take the dogs for a walk or hop on the bike and ride to the coffee shop to meet friends.  This is at night I’m talking about.  Usually around 6 O’Clock.  By 8, I’m crashing.

Speaking of working on my bike. My new blogging friend from the blogging 101 course, wrote about his almost bike catastrophe which got me to give my wheels the once over.

bike repair station
Checking the wheels at the public bike station in Fairhaven, Ma.


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