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From Cycling the Erie Canal in 2012

For years the website crazyguyonabike was the go to journal host for those who traveled by bike.  People from around the world post their bike adventures that ranged from the week long ride along the Erie Canal to the multi year bike ride around the world.  Crazy guy had a build in audience that gave the riders the motivation to keep their journal up to date to satisfy their fans.   It’s where I caught the bug by following the journal of a 25 year old NYC kid riding his bike across America solo.

His journal reads like a good travel novel.  He writes with plenty of irony, wit and wisdom that is seldom seen in someone his age. for instance.

” I saw 3 dead cats riding today, a couple of dead raccoons, and some dead cat fish on the side of the road.  I’m not sure how Kentucky has catfish as roadkill, but they do.”

“I’m realizing that when I talk to the people in Kentucky, they don’t understand me as much as I don’t understand them. Its like we are both speaking different languages to each other.

Mike Riscica

Back in 2005 while at work I would check daily for his updates.  Keep in mind that in 2005 the internet was usually on a dial up and there was no wifi.  Mike had to get to a library, often in some small Midwestern town to update us.  He would spend hours writing and uploading photos.

If you are a prolific book reader, check out Mike’s Journal, Mike Riscica Coast 2 Coast, and I know you will find this to be well worth your time.

I don’t do the epic cross country tours.  I like the shorter week long rides and they have all the ups and downs of those months long tours, just not as many.  This summer we have narrowed down our choice of tours to Cape Cod and the Islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, or the Erie Canal from Buffalo to Albany, NY.

All my tours are HERE, on crazyguyonabike naturally.

2 thoughts on “Bike Touring

  1. I like crazyguy too. I used it on my adventure to New Orleans in 2011. The format is much better for a travel journal than even WordPress is.


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