A Very Serene Bike Ride

It turned out to be a nice morning and there was a club bike ride scheduled to begin at 10 AM. That was too late for me and since this 25 mile East Bay Bike Path route in Rhode Island was a ride I had done dozens of times, I decide on an earlier start. (And finish).

I am in the middle of a blogging course and wanted to do something different on this open ended weekend assignment. With that in mind, I packed my video recorder to work on my videography and editing skills.

The traffic on the path was very light which allowed me to get some video with the sound of nature. I hope you like ducks and geese.
For Blogging 101 weekend edition I give you, “The East Bay Bike Path In January”.

THE EAST BAY BIKE PATH IN JANUARY from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

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