Did You Ride Today?

View from Stop & Shop in Fairhaven Ma

“Your on your bike!!!!  Do you know it’s raining?”

“Of course I know it’s raining. Why do you think I’m wearing rain gear?”


Conversations like this happen to us on bikes when ever there is weather, and much more so in the winter.  Putting things in perspective goes a long way in telling people that riding a bike in weather is not life threatening.   For instance it’s not as cold on a bike in the winter as it is on the top of a ski slope.  Or as dangerous riding in the snow at 6 mph as skiing down that slope at 30 mph.  You get the point.  Bike riding is not big deal as long as you are prepared.  Dress for the weather, keep the bike in good shape .

Riding a mile to the market in the rain is not a big deal.  When I was bike commuting, my office was forty miles from home.  Over time, I had found safe parking places to leave my car and bike the rest of the way to work.  Normally it was either a 10 or 15 mile commute. In the winter I left my car 5 miles from the office, which allowed me to bike commute year round.  There were times when the weather made it impossible to do the bike part. A blizzard for instance. But that never stopped people from asking, “did you ride today?”


Spring Tide
Water getting pretty close to the houses

4 thoughts on “Did You Ride Today?

  1. My favorite question has always been, “What do you do when it rains?” Get wet of course! In the motorcycle world, the saying is, ” If you don’t ride in the rain, you don’t ride.” Same with my real bike.


  2. During bad weather I always get this: “Can I give you a ride?” My response is always, “No thanks, my ride is locked up to the fence out back.” Although that response sometimes offends people. How dare I refuse their kindness.


  3. I must admit to being a fair weather cyclist, but I will walk in just about any weather. Your post made me think of the number of times people have stopped to offer me a ride home. When I decline, they will often inform me that it’s cold or raining or whatever the weather. Erm… yes, I’m walking. I do notice things around me!


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