Snow Day

Jan 23 2016 007
Walking the dogs during the storm.

The snow let up around 6:30 PM and after spending most of the day in the house, getting outside to shovel was a treat.  Earlier I tried to get the dogs out back to do their thing and they wanted nothing to do with it.  I began putting on my boots and they started to get excited.  When I grabbed the leashes they were in a frenzy to go out.  It was pretty nice walking with my two buddies in a snow storm at night.

I did get the driveway and portches done, the car cleaned off.  We’ll see how the wind blows things around overnight. I do have confidence that tomorrows clean up will be easy.  My studded tires for my bike will be here toward the end of next week.  When I found out about that, I figured I would be driving till then, so I bought a new car. A Ford Escape and I like it. 2016 ford Escape

3 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Oh, it looks as there won’t be BBQ today? 😉
    I hope there’s still energy and the streets will be free of snow again soon to “walk” your car as well. And this is the time to have fun in the snow.

    Here the snow is not fluffy any more because we had ice-rain yesterday. Luckily not as bad as it was expected and we had some degree over 0°C today, so most of the ice is gone and there hopefully won’t be chaos at the streets on Monday.


  2. That looks beautiful! We’ve got boring weather here on the West Coast in comparison. And our little dog doesn’t even want to go out in the rain showers 🙂


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