Boston. February 1, 2016

A Bird, a Plane, You!  Making the clouds disappear.  Could it be a super power? If your confused, click the link for the explanation.

The Southeast Expressway in Boston on February 1, 2016 at 3:30 PM.

The kid was coming home for a visit from Austin.   He was booked on an early morning flight to Boston via Chicago.FB_IMG_1430832275891  More often than not, things happen to him. He wears the proverbial black cloud like a halo.   Last time he came home there was 8 feet of snow on the ground. The time before that, his flight was canceled and he had to wait a full day for the next flight. Waiting to board his early morning flight to Boston via Chicago today, he was paged.

The airline had to make a change in his flight and asked if he would change his itinerary by flying to Houston instead, then on to Boston.  It would end up being a one hour delay in his arrival.  They offered him a window seat to Houston, and a first class seat from Houston to Boston. “OK”, he said.  The black cloud has moved on to someone else finally.

Driving in downtown Boston can be a nightmare. To get to Logan from the expressway, you have to take the tunnel under the harbor.  I saw the sign to the express route to the airport.  It worked out pretty good.

I had the tunnel to myself.  That doesn’t happen.  Ever. The black cloud of traffic is always there.  Till today.

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