Library. Fairhaven Ma
Millicent Library in Fairhaven, Ma with the Unitarian Building in the background.

A 6 mile ride to yoga class that is part of the New Bedford Wellness Initiative today.  On the way to the Boys and Girls club, while climbing a hill, one of my pedals fell off.

69 CamaroI was walking the final half mile and came across a couple of old timers looking at a 1969 Camaro in a garage.  I borrowed an adjustable wrench from one of these friendly strangers and made the repair. The pedals were installed a few short days ago and I was very conscious of putting is on correctly and tight.


The problem was that it’s in two parts.  The pedals came with adapters for different sized cranks. The adapter screws into the crank then the pedal screws into the adapter.  I have no idea why this fell of because reverse threading on the left pedal insures that this doesn’t happen.  (To most people).  I’ll figure it out tomorrow.

This new route into the city brought me past a building that was painted over by Wyland the Marine Life Artist.  . Many, including myself were very skeptical about the location of this artwork.  It’s in an industrial area that is a hot spot for graffiti. It’s been a few years, and there has been no “vandalism” to this work.  There is honor in the graffiti circles and they know art when they see it.  Good for them.

Riding back to Fairhaven took me along the waterfront naturally.  The bike path had a good amount of people walking, running and of course on a day like today, dogs.









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