I’m Thinking of Not Riding Today

Thanks, Hindsight This year is moving along just fine. The retired life is treating me well. Biking, weight training and yoga are keeping me fit in body and mind which allows all the other things in life to fall into place nicely.

I am seriously considering riding my bicycle cross country on the Adventure Cycling Southern Tier Route in October.  Not doing the whole route but pedaling from Ocala, Florida to Austin, Texas.  It’s 1200 miles and should take somewhere in the range of 20-30 days.  I like to take days off to smell the roses if any show themselves.


In the mean time the following is a favorite video of mine. Barrett Smith rode the whole 3100 miles from St. Augustine, FL to San Diego, CA. raising money for MS. When the video comes up, go to the bottom right and click on the YouTube icon to give Barrett lots of hits on his page.  Tell him I sent you if you leave a comment.

Chris Miller flew to Florida, bought a cheap bike in Walmart and a few minor essentials and began riding his bike toward California.  He did a daily video blog that I found to be very entertaining.  Give him a try.  Again, go to his YouTube page at the bottom right to give him hits on his page.  If you leave a comment, tell him I sent you.
The sound is muted for a minute or early in the first video. It returns at 1:27

3 thoughts on “I’m Thinking of Not Riding Today

  1. REALLY looking forward to your journals on that ride! Extremely jealous as well! I did a trip in October 2011 from Iowa to New Orleans. It’s a great time to ride in the south.


  2. It’s -13 here. I’m waiting for it to rise to near 0F today so I can possibly get out for a walk! Good thing it’s only a two day freeze, then we’ll both be back on our bikes.


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