Watch Out For Black Ice


Evasive Action  Today’s Daily Post assignment is “What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?”   

When a secret is revealed to one person, it’s inevitable that within a very short time, there are dozens of people sworn to secrecy.


Clear Bike Path

The early mornings are for the older gentlemen walking on the bike path. Today while riding to the gym I ran into three who were walking on the left side of the photo above. It’s the horse path and also where everyone takes their dogs to shit.  The women pick it up and the men usually don’t.

SUB 10
I put away the studded tire bike and took the SUB 10 out of hibernation.

The three men I came across today all warned me of the black ice.  I suppose it was there when they began their walk, but by the time I made my way to the path there were only a few spots remaining.  When your going slow on a bike the shinny black ice is pretty easy to spot.  It was kind of nice that they warned me but I can’t help but think that they though I was not smart enough to know about black ice, because I was on a bike.

The path was completely clear of any evidence of the recent blizzard after yesterdays downpours and the 55 degree temperature.  We are ready for the next round of snow. And as usual the view were calming.

Naskatucket river outletWinter saltmarch




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