One Hundred Million Dollars

The day screamed for a long bike ride and I decided to cross the bridge into the city of New Bedford.  I ran into a fellow bike rider and invited him to join our ride on Sunday.  When I told him it would be around 30 miles he reneged saying his bike was only good for 20 miles or less. I mentioned that we stopped at a cafe half way through the ride, so it’s actually two 15 mile rides, which is well within his 20 mile limit.  He didn’t bite. 

The wind picked up so I decided to stay in the downtown area and skip the ride along the beaches.  Out of the wind, riding was very comfortable.  When the wind was a factor in open areas, it was very cold.

I stopped at Brandon’s old apartment and took a selfie on the front porch to send him. That’s when I noticed the plaque on the building of Hetty Green .

nicknamed the “Witch of Wall Street”, was an American businesswoman and financier known as “the richest woman in America” during the Gilded Age. Known for both her wealth and her miserliness, she was the lone woman to amass a fortune when other major financiers were men

Imagine in 1916 being worth one hundred million bucks.  Holy mackerel.

A block away was  The Roach-Jones-Duff  estate that took up a whole city block. Two of it’s carriage houses have been converted into residences.

On the way back into the town of Fairhaven, I had to scramble to get across the bridge before it swung open.  I looked up and made eye contact with the bridge tender and he gave me the go ahead to cross before he closed the road. Once across I notice that the bridge was opening for the “Fuel Guy”.  From Philly no less.


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