I’m Calling the EPA

Today’s daily post suggestion.

Karma Chameleon Reincarnation: do you believe in it?

Do you believe in heaven and hell?  Gods? Aliens? Ghost? How about crop circles? Reincarnation is in the same category as all those other things.  I know none of those exist, so my answer is no, I don’t believe in reincarnation or any of those other things.  But they can be fun pranks to play on people.


Coffee, Bagel and the paper.

It was such a nice morning,29 and sunny, that I had my coffee and a bagel on the outside deck of Flower Girls Baking Company after my daily gym session.  Today is also a nice day to go for a long enough ride to put on my Garmin. Stay tuned. 

I have mentioned before about my neighbor warming up his car.  Deciding I was going to ride my bike today forced me to move my car out of the driveway into the street so wifey could get out of the garage and drive to her volunteer dog shelter job.  I noticed that the car across the street was running. Forty five minutes later when I left on my bike, it was still “warming up”.  I told wifey that I was going to call the EPA on these people.

The bike path was clear of snow and the temperature was steady at 19 F as the sun began to rise over Buzzards Bay on the South Coast of Massachusetts.  I stopped to talk to one of the “look out for black ice” old timers and naturally the conversation turned to the weather.  We agreed that it was a beautiful, comfortable morning.  Of course, I had long john, a heavy turtle neck, a gator, scarf and stocking cap.  A medium weight fleece LL Bean jacket rounded out my layers for this ride.

During our conversation, small gaggles of geese flew over us announcing their presence very loudly. Three groups of 10-15 came by separately.  As I began to ride away another group approached honking at me I presume and I translated their message to say,  “Take my picture”.   I took off one glove, reached for my camera and had a hell of a time taking a shot.  I held down the button and nothing happened.  Another group began flying over and again the shutter  would not work.  I tried multiple times and even held the button down.  Nothing, nada, when I gave up with a fuck’n camera comment and began to put it back in my bag, the shutter activated.  It took all I had not to throw the thing in the bay.

After multiply tries photographing geese, this is the end result.

This is a camera that I had put into mothballs a few years ago when I upgraded.  Twice.  I have two of those and dropped both. They still work but I have to hold them together with elastics.

Both need elastics to keep the battery door secured.

I’m going for a long ride this morning after taking the dogs for their constitutional and making that call to the EPA

2 thoughts on “I’m Calling the EPA

  1. Great picture of the geese 😉 I saw a bald eagle on my ride today and had a similar experience trying to take a photo-the camera simply did not want to help me out. First time I have ever seen a bald eagle while on a ride, I think the 3rd time I have ever seen one in the wild. It was just calmly soaring on the top of crazy gusts, I have never been so jealous of a bird!


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