NYC Five Boroughs Team

5 boroughs start

We are now a team of seven riding the NYC Five Boroughs Tour on May 1st.  The registration closed at 32,000 riders, but if your registered and want to meet some new people on Saturday and take the option of riding with us on Sunday, you can still join our team.  Go to your “manage registration” page at ImAthlete and join team.  As a warm up to the tour, you may also want to join us on the Boston Midnight Marathon bike ride on Sunday April 16th.

Two of us will be leaving the Fall River area at 8AM on Saturday, April 30.  We will stop in RI near the Conneticut border for breakfast before continuing down 95 to the Queens Bronx expressway to Staten Island.  That avoids the GW Bridge which is always crazy. Caravan with us if you wish.

After checking in to the Comfort Inn on Wild St., Staten Island, we will drive to the Staten Island Ferry for the free ride over to Manhattan and walk to registration.  It’s a long walk,

packet pickup
Registration and packet pick up on Saturday.but there  is lots to do and see along the way.  Perhaps a stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge.

but there is lots to see and do on the way. Perhaps a stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge on the elevated walkway.



If you stay on Staten Island be sure to get to the ferry early.  6 AM at the latest.  There are going to be a few thousand people with bikes taking the ferry over.  Most of the out of town riders who drive to NY on the day of the event, park at the ferry terminal to avoid going into the city.  It’s going to be crowded but a great experience.



One thought on “NYC Five Boroughs Team

  1. And i thought the 10,000 riders of Texas’ Hotter-N-Hell Hundred was crazy! 32,000 riders?? I suppose there are more than that with renegade riders too. Having done that one, you better come enjoy Iowa’s RAGBRAI! It’s a different kind of crazy.


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