NYC Five Boroughs Ride.

Riding in the Rain in NYC

Our team of 10 riders traveled to NYC to do the Five Boroughs Tour. I have to confess that I don’t know some of the team members, nor have I met them.  I only saw one of the nine others over the weekend and things did not work out that well for him. Did you ever stop your bike not unclip and fall over. Yea, me too.  It happened to Paul at around the 25 mile mark in Queens.  He is going into surgery today to have his broken hip repaired.


Things were a bit worse on at the Red Hook Crit on Saturday night 10 seconds into the race when the pace motorcycle stalled.

Our ride started in a light rain and all the comments were how not so bad it was riding.  By 10 AM the F bombs started as the intensity of the rain increased. The last 10 miles on the Bronx/Queens expressway sucked.  Heavy rain, wind and almost all up hill. Everyone who finished was glad they did.  A lot never got that far.  I’m guessing the subways got crowded as people bailed.  I can’t wait for next years tour.

Did I make a movie.   Of course.

2016 NYC FIVE BOROUGHS from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

NYC Five Boroughs Team

5 boroughs start

We are now a team of seven riding the NYC Five Boroughs Tour on May 1st.  The registration closed at 32,000 riders, but if your registered and want to meet some new people on Saturday and take the option of riding with us on Sunday, you can still join our team.  Go to your “manage registration” page at ImAthlete and join team.  As a warm up to the tour, you may also want to join us on the Boston Midnight Marathon bike ride on Sunday April 16th. Continue reading “NYC Five Boroughs Team”

Grab Life By The Handlebars

I do a lot of really unique and cool bike,  but there are three that stand out this year.
The NYC Five Boroughs Bike Tour. 32,000 of us bike the 5 boroughs of NYC crossing 5 bridges.

The Erie Canal from Buffalo to Albany.  Just two of us on a week long bike tour.

The Midnight Marathon Bike tour. Riding the Boston Marathon Route at Midnight. Continue reading “Grab Life By The Handlebars”

One Day Bike Events

There are a few local one day bike events that any biker rider worth their salt should have on their to do list.  There is one local “bucket list” ride that everyone should do at least once.

Continue reading “One Day Bike Events”

2016 NYC Bike Tour Registration

Registration begins on the 12th at 10 AM.  Join team “” and come ride with us.

Register for the 2016 TD Five Boro Bike Tour! from Bike New York on Vimeo.