My New Bike Surprised Me


The so’wester gale was a blow’n.  The original plan, hatched yesterday, was to get the road bike ready and begin training for bike events happening soon. I got stuck watching the Davis Cup and before I knew it. It was noontime.  I decided that today was not going to be the day for a long ride with sustained winds of 20-25 knots, so I settled on the new Scott bike, I got on my trip to Austin last year, for the short ride to the bank.

“This thing is smooth” I though as the bike sliced through the wind effortlessly.  After leaving the bank, I decided it would be a good idea to head off the bike path and onto the quiet back roads for the short mile ride back home.  I kept taking turns away from home to add just a couple more miles to the ride. Eventually I decided to ride one of my road bike routes of 22 miles.   I can’t say enough how nice this new bike of mine rides.  It’s called a Sub 40 Scott. “Speedy Urban Bike” is the full name.  If you ever see one of these in a shop, take it for a spin.  I really think you will like this bike a lot.  It’s a gem.

I made some new friends on this ride.


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