It’s Time To Get Serious


Every bicyclist wants a comfortable saddle. What is not so obvious is what constitutes a comfortable saddle.

Every spring, bike shops sell scads of saddles to cyclists who come in because their old saddle has become uncomfortable since they stopped cycling in the fall. They went out for a ride or two, and found it much less comfortable than they remembered from the previous year. They’ve heard about the latest buzzword in saddle gimmicks, and they want one of those!

They buy the new saddle, put it on the bike, go for a few more rides, and find they’re much more comfortable. They tell all their friends about their wonderful new saddle, and how they need one too…More on saddles from Sheldon Brown

The forecast is for a beautiful week of spring weather.  That means a few continuous days of long bike rides.  Later in the week, the family is gathering in Woodstock Vermont.   They are disappointed that there is no snow there, but that just brings a smile to us bike riders.  There are a few bike routes from which to choose. Because it’s so early in the season, I’m going to shy away from too much climbing.  I’ll get there in time, but not this week.

Today though is the beginning of the bike season for me. A 10 mile ride to yoga class.  The theme today was Forrest Yoga, emphasizing abdominal core work. It was my first time doing this practice. I was pretty difficult at times, but I liked it.

The plan was to ride quite a bit more after class but it was getting cold. Much colder than I had dressed to endure.  I plan on a long ride the next two days on the road bike.  The rides wont be fast and I’ll be using randoneering techniques, building endurance for long rides, not power for racing.

Public Library. New Bedford, Ma
Unitarian Building. New Bedford, Ma

6 thoughts on “It’s Time To Get Serious

  1. I enjoy a relaxing bike ride. Most of my friends can not keep up with me. I pedal about 10 to 12 mph. They are way ahead head. I do catch up with them as they sit at Starbucks sipping their high boost energy drink. I sit down and ask them did you see the red fox run through the grave yard or the bald eagle that soared overhead. They looked at each other shaking their heads no saying they were too busy watching the road for obstacles and to maintain their fast pace. Life is too fast. Slow down to enjoy the scenery.

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  2. You may have just struck on the very reasons to keep riding in the winter! One, you don’t have the “getting back in shape” syndrome and, two, you’re already a bit more acclimated to cool temps. (I still don’t like them!)


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