Taxes, Yoga and Football


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I wanted to ride today but things conspired against me doing a long ride.  Putting all the stuff together and entering everything into tax software can be tedious. By the time I sat down to begin entering the figures and descriptions it was after 11 AM.  By noon time I had most of the federal stuff done, and my wife had roasted some cauliflower and asparagus for lunch. I got on the  bike and rode to Subway.

tax time

I really enjoy the 6:30 Tuesday night yoga class not only because of the teacher but also it’s a six mile ride through the city.  Tonight however I have to go to the 4 PM class in order to be home for the game.  The US is playing Guatemala, who by the way defeated us over the weekend 2-0.  It’s a must win for the boys in blue, otherwise our qualification for the world cup in Russia is in dire jeopardy.  This will be the first time I have not attended a qualifying match in Columbus and I feel like I’m letting my country down.  I wasn’t paying attention and this on got by me before I could get a ticket and flight.

Trying out the new Olympus camera on today’s ride.

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